PEKKA HANNULA Visual Artist - Printmaker taide.hannula [at]


The philosophy behind my commissions is partnerism – a co-creative way of
doing art for and with the customers. More information about partnerism
⇒ on Finnish web pages.

Another philosophy behind my art is expandism – a meditative way of doing art.
To get more information about expandism ⇒ go to expandism blog

My main technique is collage and I prefer to use various left-over materials for
constructing my works. My collages are highly ecological ones.
Follow me on, on Instagram or on Twitter @luovuksissa.

I also write about my late father's art on
Simo Hannula - The Master Printer blog.

All kind of outcomes are possible.

I started my career with printmaking and I still do etchings in very
traditional way. Examples of my prints.